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This page is dedicated to photographers of all skill levels. I will post links to other really cool photographers I know as well as recommended vendors as well as blog posts written mainly for photographers. The resources will be geared toward film and analog mostly but a lot of the content will apply to digital photographers as well.  

Some Cool Photographers I know!

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  • Long Exposure Photography

    Long Exposure Photography

    Have you tried long exposure photography? Want to create some mystery, drama and an ethereal feel to your images? When shooting film we need to consider reciprocity failure. When we first learn about photography, we’re taught to control camera shake and to use the fastest shutter speeds available to create sharp images. Later on, we […]

  • Shooting Infrared Film

    Shooting Infrared Film

    I love infrared photography (IR). When done right, will get you some dramatic images. IR is a unique form of photography, that allows you to produce some “other worldly” like images. IR requires you to step a little out of your comfort zone. In this post you will find a basic understanding of the limitations […]

  • From Far and Wide (or Close) – Wide-Angle Lenses

    From Far and Wide (or Close) – Wide-Angle Lenses

    Every photo taken with any given lens tells a story, is it any different with a super/ultra wide? Which lenses are capable of telling the best stories, the meaningful ones, the dramatic ones?  Most landscape photographers would likely tell your there isn’t a better lens for story telling than the wide angle.  What is a […]

  • Learning How Your Camera Sees

    Learning How Your Camera Sees

    This is the first post of a series of photography techniques that I am writing in hope that it will be of some value to photographers at any level to consider.  There are a lot of resources that you’ll find on cameras from every era known to mankind, however in my experience there isn’t much […]

  • A Journey Back to my Roots – Why I Shoot Film

    A Journey Back to my Roots – Why I Shoot Film

    Is film better than digital? The animosity between some from either community puzzles me. In fact, it annoys me to a level I’d rather not discuss. Photography is a perfect marriage of art and science.  Regardless of the medium you choose to use to make an image, it’s still photography. Either approach will get you […]

  • Image Critique and Approach – What’s Important to You?

    Image Critique and Approach – What’s Important to You?

    I often wonder how and why people judge photography, what constitutes a “good” photo versus a “bad” photo?  What gives anyone or me the right to express his or her opinion on anyone’s photography? Firstly, photography is a visual art form both in the way it’s created, and the way it’s appreciated.  The nature of […]