Nude Fine Art Photography

Nude Fine Art Photography…

Photography is art, and learning techniques to capture beauty in various forms is essential in developing your talent as an artist, challenging yourself with different subjects and photographic situations that are different than what you are used to, benefits your clients and you as a photographer.

Recently I took part in a fine art nude photography workshop, the facilitator of the workshop was Janos Eifert, Janos is an award winning fine art nude photographer and has won many prestigious recognitions for his work, his website is

I have posted some samples of my work from the workshop… I hope you enjoy them!



I think the mask in the background makes this picture!

Time Exposure

Some fun with the models and some timed exposure photography to get the motion effect in this shot

I love the vibrant blue hair
I love the vibrant blue hair!

I caught this image as the light scrimmed through the curtain just perfectly I love the feel of this photograph!

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