Portraits of a Friend

Recently, I had the honour and pleasure of hanging with my great friend John Meadows at the Only Cafe where we both “shot” each other! It was an honour being part of John’s project and I felt it only fitting that I return the favour.
I shot a few portraits of John too.

John is a fellow co-host of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast (CCR). The CCR talks film, and film cameras to both educate (as much as we can) and of course contribute to the GAS of film photographers everywhere!

Shot on a Pentax 67II, Tri-X 400 at box, developed in Tmax Dev 1+9 at 20°C for 10m30s. I have a few more that I shot on my F6 on Tri-X coming soon. I hope you enjoy (especially John!) This is the entire roll and I’m having trouble picking a favourite!

You can find out more about John Meadows’ photography here or at https://johnmeadowsphotography.com/

Also be sure to check out the gang at Classic Camera Revival here!

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