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Hello All,

I have been taking photos since I was 16, I like most photographers my age first started printing black and whites in a darkroom before Photoshop I think that’s the part I enjoyed the most and would spend hours in the dark room. About 7 years ago I started specializing in weddings; the most challenging aspect of professional photography.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada – PPOC and I am nationally accredited in Wedding Story I’m also a member of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. I have studied with and collaborated with incredible local and international photographers. I love weddings and wedding photography so much that I have dedicated myself to educating other photographers and continuing my learning process as a wedding photography instructor at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario.

I spent several years as a professional wedding and portrait photographer, my approach to wedding photography is quite simple – emotion beats perfection every time. I believe that the moments before the moments are sublime and the anticipation excitement and build up before a release of emotion are what makes portraits beautiful.

I’ve recently taken a long term sabbatical from shooting weddings professionally, to return to my photographic roots, shooting film and the environment around me.  As a photographer I’m a wanderer, explorer and an observer and I’ve chosen to take a break from the larger than life world of weddings and focus on the beauty of our wonderful world, the people in it and of course the amazing flora and fauna we all are blessed with.

I want to use this blog as a diary of my photographic adventures to showcase my passion for photography both analogue (film) and digital.  I plan on using this blog to generate discussion around my work, film based photography, vintage camera reviews and anything interesting in the world of photography. I want to highlight my most recent work here and to share thoughts on Photography and life in general.

I hope you enjoy!



This page is dedicated to photographers of all skill levels. I will post links to other really cool photographers I know as well as recommended vendors as well as blog posts written mainly for photographers. The resources will be geared toward film and analog mostly but a lot of the content will apply to digital photographers as well.

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