Bobby & Rachel Get Married

Bobby & Rachel tied the knot what an incredible day, we invaded the Ancaster Old Mill and had a tremendous party I couldn’t believe the amount of food and of course loads of love and celebration to go around.  Bobby and Rachel had a beautiful ceremony and could not have asked for a better day. Their love for each other is so overwhelming it shows everywhere they go and in each of their photographs, which makes my job that much easier!  Also get a load of the size of the bridal party!

Here are a few pics from their big day I hope you enjoy!

Newlyweds so happy walking down the aisle!

Get a load of the size of this bridal party !

I just love when the sun goes down and there’s an opportunity to steal the couple away for a few moments between themselves and the camera.

Fun with Chris & Izabella

Chris and Izabella’s engagement shoot was such a great time what an attractive couple!  I find it amazing that when you’re having so much fun shooting  great subjects, a planned 2 hour shoot, turns in to lunch at the beach and an adventure around the city; before you know it 6 or 7 hours later it’s a wrap.

This fun loving gorgeous couple are getting married in August 2009, and are avid UFC fans, you know the octagon thing, and we working that in to their wedding day shoot.  I am really looking forward to seeing the couple in the octagon, what a great time shooting that will be I’m sure we’ll have some unique shots from that experience!

Here is a little slide show of some of their shots from the day I hope you enjoy the show!!

Bob & Rachel’s Contemporary Yorkville Engagement Session

Congratulations to Bob and Rachel….

This wonderful couple and I took a stroll through Yorkville and we had such a fun engagement shoot…. Bob & Rachel are getting married later this summer at the Ancaster Old Mill and I’m really looking forward to having loads of fun with them on their big day.  They are such a fun loving and warm couple who are so clearly in love, believe it or not…. met at their lawyers office!!

We were really going for an urban chic feel with this shoot to reflect their personalities, so why not one of my favourite places to hang out and to shoot Yorkville, this great little corner of the city presents so many photographic and people watching opportunities.   We got started around 5:00 took a dinner break when the sun went down and then had a great time when the lights came on!

Here are just a few of the images from our session…. I hope you enjoy!

Nude Fine Art Photography

Nude Fine Art Photography…

Photography is art, and learning techniques to capture beauty in various forms is essential in developing your talent as an artist, challenging yourself with different subjects and photographic situations that are different than what you are used to, benefits your clients and you as a photographer.

Recently I took part in a fine art nude photography workshop, the facilitator of the workshop was Janos Eifert, Janos is an award winning fine art nude photographer and has won many prestigious recognitions for his work, his website is

I have posted some samples of my work from the workshop… I hope you enjoy them!



I think the mask in the background makes this picture!

Time Exposure

Some fun with the models and some timed exposure photography to get the motion effect in this shot

I love the vibrant blue hair
I love the vibrant blue hair!

I caught this image as the light scrimmed through the curtain just perfectly I love the feel of this photograph!