Dan & Gillian’s Toronto Engagement Adventure

Dan & Gillian are two really cool people, this cosmopolitan couple were so much fun to shoot and to get to know; they are such a perfect match their chemistry is unmistakable and shows in all of their photos which certainly makes my job easier.  Earlier this May we braved some unpredictable weather and set out for an engagement session in Toronto, starting at the Distllery, we headed over to High Park, Union Station, and the Royal York, what a fun time I certainly had a blast spending the afternoon with them doing one of my favourite things — engagement shoots.  It’s so nice when you get to witness a couple truly in love expressing their feelings for each other without words!

I can’t wait for their fabulous wedding later this September, here are just a few of my favourite shots from their session, I hope you enjoy them!













Keith Rivers - Very nice work James – some really terrific shots. Not only did you capture the chemistry – but also in outstanding artistic style. Thanks…. Father of the bride.June 22, 2009 – 5:28 pm

Christine Zancai-Joseph - I can’t even begin to explain how breath taking the photo of the two of you sitting at a café table. Not only does this picture take you to another place but another time…The choice of black and white…. makes it just stunning an elegant!!! Dan, who ever your photographer is…..keep him/her…..I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!!! I have to say it….but it reminds me of father’s home town, Cordenons Italy…..Just pictures!!!June 22, 2009 – 6:20 pm

Andrew Boggs - Dan & Gill – incredible photos and you both look great! Can’t wait for the wedding. Have to ask though – I didn’t notice Morrison in any of them. Is everything okay? Has something happened?June 23, 2009 – 6:34 am

Grandma R - I’m speachless. I partcularly like the first one under the blossoming tree.June 27, 2009 – 8:05 pm

nude model - greayt pictures ! thanks ! 😀May 8, 2010 – 9:17 pm

Scott & Amanda’s Engagement on Ice

Scott & Amanda, are such a fun adorable couple and clearly hockey fans in fact they met playing hockey, although based on their jerseys, Hockey Night In Canada at their place looks like it may be interesting! However, sorry to say Scott, it looks like we have photographic evidence that proves who the enforcer is in this relationship! We had such a fun time earlier this winter along the shores of Lake Ontario at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington. I’m really looking forward to their wedding later this August and I’m sure it will be loads of fun, because they are so much fun to be around!

Here’s a little slideshow of some shots from their engagement, please enjoy!

Lesley & Ivan’s Fall Engagement

Well… my long bout of blog procrastination is finally coming to an end, I’ve been so busy for a while I’m afraid I’ve neglected my blog for way too long… but I’m back!

Lesley and Ivan are very good friends of mine, and are finally engaged after many years! What an honour for me to have such great friends that want me to shoot their fabulous wedding which is just weeks away. Lesley, Ivan and I had a great time shooting at Mc Master, late last fall we had such a great time just having fun, hanging at the campus pub, and finally ending up at Webster’s falls. Here are a few pictures from the day I hope you enjoy them!




Leslie & Jay-R Engagement Adventure in Toronto

This fantastic couple Leslie and Jay-R have an incredible engagement story to tell and their story goes something like this…

Like any other Saturday in June (2007), Jay-R arrived home tired from working all day; to help him unwind, Leslie offered to  play the piano for him (you will see that these two are quite musically inclined). As Lesile played, he began to serenade her from the couch. When Leslie played “My boo” by Usher, he sang the words “Do you remember girl, who was the one who gave you your first kiss…” he walked to the piano and kissed her on the cheek. Leslie could barely concentrate and stopped playing as he hugged her from behind and whispered “Do you love me?” She responded, “Of course I do, I love you with all my heart an all my soul.”  He replies, “That’s exactly…what I wanted to hear”, as she turned slowly to give him a kiss, Leslie sees him on bended knee. Her heart was racing!!! Jay-R gazes right into her eyes, pulls out the ring and says, “Well then if you love me…will you be MY WIFE?”  In complete and utter shock, she declares “Of course I will, yes!” and he lovingly places the ring her finger.
But tonight’s adventure is just getting started, now finding herself blindfolded in his car and feeling some motion sickness from the ten minute car ride while blindfolded and certain that she is the subject of several curious stares as they navigate the streets of Toronto, the newly engaged couple finally arrive at their destination. Struggling to get to the entrance Leslie finally is allowed to remove her blindfold, and is welcomed by the couples’ entire families gathered at the door.

Jay-R had planned all of this for months and it was a huge success! Well Jay-R talk about raising the bar for the rest of the guys!

Enough said about that what a great story, here are a few pictures from our fabulous engagement shoot in Toronto! I hope you enjoy them!!

Jacqui - Wow! These are stunning!!! They look like something from a magazine add! I’m so glad you are shooting Jen’s wedding!January 13, 2009 – 9:11 pm

Anita Woo - Simply gorgeous as always!January 13, 2009 – 10:43 pm

Adam - Very very nice. Excellent images. Creative and skillfully executed. There are some very romantic images there.January 14, 2009 – 8:59 pm