Gillian & Dan’s Wedding at Copetown Woods

Gillian & Dan got married on the 6th of September this year and their wedding was amazing! Gillian and Dan one of the nicest couples I know and working with them on their journey was completely my pleasure and my honour. Their ceremony in Cambridge and reception at Copetown Woods was truly magical and loads of fun! Gillian looked incredible and was so easy to photograph.
It’s no wonder why they are such and amazing couple; they come from equally incredible families! Weddings are totally a family affair and working in the wedding business I always find it wonderful when as a photographer I am welcomed into the family circle and really feel like a guest with a fancy camera! It really makes my job so easy and Gillian and Dan’s family certainly made it easy… Thank you guys for letting me be part of your day!

Here are a few of my favourite shots and a little slideshow of their day!

I hope you enjoy







Laura Coxson - James, I just saw the pics and watched the video. It gave me chills. They are great, you are great! What a fun day it was!
Spectacular Job!October 7, 2009 – 10:24 am

Adam Woodhouse - Excellent images.

The creative effect given to these is top-notch.

Very well done!

Love the angle and sky in that last image.October 7, 2009 – 2:06 pm

Cynthia Webb - Gillian, these photos gave me goosebumps-I can only imagine the depth of emotion and love everyone involved in your beautiful day must have witnessed and felt!! Congratulations! CyndieOctober 7, 2009 – 3:31 pm

Janet Boettger - Absolutely stunning photos capturing the beauty, innocence and unconditional love of so many people. A beautiful collection. Congratulations to everyone.October 7, 2009 – 4:32 pm

Trish & Dave’s Tamahaac Club Wedding

Trish & Dave’s wedding at the exclusive Tamahhaac Club in Hamilton, Ontario was absolutely fantastic! The weather was great, the couple was so happy and so in love and looked great!

My business partner Jaymz Van Hees and I shot an exclusive Jaymz & James coverage of their glorious day and we had so much fun and so many great photos! Jaymz and I are really excited to launch a new brand of exclusive wedding collections shot by two pros rather than a Prime and Associate photographer, when two pros go at it both aiming to out do each other without hindering each other the results are simply phenomenal!

We have so many great shots to show these two we’re having trouble making our selections! We are really looking forward to offering the Jaymz & James dual prime coverage to more clients soon! Stay tuned for our new studio gallery opening in Burlington coming this September where we will be officially launching our exclusive collection!

Well enough about us, Trish or Dish as she’s known to her friends and family and Dave were so much fun to be around and there’s no surprise there they both have incredible families who truly love them and give them all the support every new couple needs. Jaymz and I were welcomed with open arms to their family on their wedding day which really allowed us to enjoy the day and capture some truly fun and emotional images.

Here is a not so short slideshow of their day I really hope you enjoy them!


Laura - Hi there…

Just wanted to say your work is so lovely, I want to go out and find someone and get married tomorrow! 🙂 I am definitely keeping your info. Keep up the amazing talent! All the best!May 9, 2010 – 1:20 pm

Kamila & Mohammad’s Old Mill Toronto Wedding

Congratulations Kamila & Mohammad!!

This great looking couple tied the knot and celebrated at the Old Mill in Toronto, and what a fantastic party it was it was a touch wet that day but all worked out fantastic just in time for photos and fun. Kamila was simply a stunning bride and Mohammad’s speech really echoed his feelings towards her these two are truly in love and are such a joy to be around. Also thanks to my good pal Billy Mallari for second shooting with me at this wedding some of your cool detail shots are are in the slideshow for everyone to enjoy!


Xuan & Andrew Get Married!

Gosh!!! I’ve been so remiss in blogging all summer no excuses really just been busy shooting and spending time with wonderful clients just having a blast at their weddings and luckily of course meeting with so many new really cool clients for their upcoming events!

Also moving studios! I’m in the midst of a new studio renovation and a new brand coming soon! Stay tuned for the grand opening of the new studio and brand coming soon!

Well anyway… enough about me, here’s a brief slideshow of Xuan and Andrew’s fun wedding in July this year held at the Jewel Banquet Hall in Vaughan. We all had a fantastic time and Xuan looked glowing, and Andrew not too bad himself even after eating a mouthful of wasabi, brave man!

I hope you enjoy!