Karen & Dave’s Cool Burlington Engagement

Karen and Dave are a couple of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing they took a little trip to my studio and we had a bit of a walk about town and took a few cool shots of their engagement. I’m really looking forward to their big day at Hockley Valley in the next few weeks or so. I’m really looking forward to putting their signing book together stay tuned for that!


Adam Woodhouse - Love the ones in the grass.June 18, 2010 – 6:06 pm

Miss. Hailey’s Big Day

I had the pleasure of taking a few shots of Little Miss. Hailey’s debut today! What a gorgeous little monkey! I hope you enjoy the photos and the album layouts!


Here’s a peek at a cool little album just for her!

And of course a little gallery of my favourites of this little angel!

Michelle Hall - Absolutely beautiful work!!! Hailey is my niece, you did a great job!!!May 16, 2010 – 9:49 pm

Lisa & Doury’s Sneak Peek – Le Jardin Wedding

Last night I had a blast at Lisa & Doury’s wedding at Le Jardin, despite the Wizard of Oz weather we had a fantastic time and captured some fantastic images of the couple. Lisa looked spectacular only to be matched by how dapper Doury looked. These two came from such supporting and loving families the atmosphere was electric and the party and food were fantastic. Lisa & Doury are off to a fabulous honeymoon in France and Spain, have a great time and enjoy these before you go!


Christina - These are some fantastic photos James! Your talent is really amazing 🙂 Never thought Lisa and Doury could ever look this good… heheMay 9, 2010 – 11:30 pm

James - Thanks Chris! Wait till your wedding you’re going to be fantastic!May 10, 2010 – 6:24 am

Doury - James, amazing job man! Thanks so much for throwing these up so quickly. We’ll call you when we get back!May 10, 2010 – 5:12 pm

Lisa - James, these pictures are beautiful. You really captured the love!May 25, 2010 – 7:37 pm

Christina & Alex High Park Engagement

Christina and Alex are such an amazing couple! They are so much fun and energetic we had a great time shooting their engagement at High Park in Toronto earlier this year I’m looking forward to her fantastic wedding this June, where we’ll be doing some fusion with photography and HD Video with this couple it’s sure to be fantastic!

Christina may look familiar, she was Lisa’s Matron of Honour for her wedding on Saturday May 8, I hope you enjoy the images!