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Hello All,

A bit about me and my approach to photography. Well… I love people more than photography, the connections and friendships we build are the cornerstones to real emotional photography, regardless of the subject matter.

I have been taking photos since I was 16, I like most photographers my age first started printing black and whites in a darkroom before Photoshop I think that’s the part I enjoyed the most and would spend hours in the dark room. About 7 years ago I started specializing in weddings; the most challenging aspect of professional photography.

Today when I’m not behind the camera I’m talking with people; chatting about their lives, their weddings their future and just about the world in general. I really believe my clients are not buying photographs, they’re looking for a photographer, a real relationship and a friendship, after all when their memories fade they will be refreshed not by just a picture but the context of how that picture was made.

I want to be friends first, and a photographer second, I strive to make my clients comfortable when we work together to capture real moments situated in the most flattering of environments.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada – PPOC and I am nationally accredited in Wedding Story I’m also a member of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. I have studied with and collaborated with incredible local and international photographers. I love weddings and wedding photography so much that I have dedicated myself to educating other photographers and continuing my learning process as a wedding photography instructor at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario.

My approach to wedding photography is quite simple – emotion beats perfection every time; and if you (brides) didn’t want to look glamorous on your wedding day then why spend all that dough on the gorgeous dress, hair and make-up — I want to make your bridal portraits look like you should be in a magazine! I really believe that when you’re having a great time you’ll look amazing and genuine in your photos.

I want to use this blog as a diary of my photographic adventures to showcase the real magic behind my work; my clients! I want you to see my most recent work to share thoughts on Photography and life in general regardless if you are a client of mine or not, and to show my style and work.

I hope you enjoy!



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